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The Band


4 piece from the South of England United Kingdom.

Guitar's bass, lead, drums Vocal.


Keeping music real


Write, play, record, 

We don't feel the need to ponce around with our tracks to make them sound commercial for hours , days , weeks, months.

At the end of the day, music is to enjoy, once you start changing what you do to fit in with others, then its lost its originality.


Our Influences


Influences are many, from that guy who just sits on a cold floor with a guitar busking to earn a crust, right through to the multi million selling artist who really doesn't need to do, It ain't for the money no more, its for the love,  

Music owns my soul and forever will.


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We support Music 4 mental health


CALM can be reached between 5pm and Midnight 365 days a year

  The Legend Tom Robinson gave us a spin or two on his Radio show,   John Kennedy on x-posure Radio x . Richard Latto on the great Stereo Underground show for the BBC. Love em all

There is a separate page for vids now but heres a few


We were told we should write a blog as people would like it


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